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divendres, 30 de setembre de 2011

Tarda de feina - Busy afternoon

Aquesta tarda he estat enfeinada acabant manualitats per la classe i per la decoració de l'escola. Aquest és el resultat: 

This afternoon I was very busy finishing craft for the class and for the decoration of the school. This is the result:

Serveix per posar les circulars que l'escola dóna als nens amb informació pels pares. 
It uses for putting the letters that the school gives to the children with information for their parents.

Això és el sol per completar la decoració de tardor.
This is the sun in order to complete the autumn decoration. 


Ahir vaig comprar alguna decoració de Halloween...
Yesterday I bought some decoration of Halloween...

i també aquestes estrelles que són enganxines!!
and also these stars that are stickers!!

Star of the month

Star of the Month (poster)


dijous, 29 de setembre de 2011

It's difficult sometimes!

Before You Speak Think

The Book or the Film?

Never Judge

Decoració de tardor

Us agrada?

Learning every day

The Person You Encounter

Treat Bucket Critters

More Ideas for Halloween


Scottish studies subject outlined by minister

The Scottish government is to outline plans for a new Scottish studies subject, amid concern that Scots history is being neglected in schools. More...

dimecres, 28 de setembre de 2011

How NOT to manage conflict in the classroom

I like this article and I agree with the whole points.

Don’t respond immediately
Generally your impulse response is exactly the wrong one.  Instead of saying exactly what’s on your mind just take a deep breath, give yourself a few seconds to compose yourself and think carefully about how best to proceed.

Don’t shout
If a pupil is shouting at you, the temptation can be to raise your voice in return, if for no reason other than to ensure that your point is heard.  This tends to make the situation worse.  You’re far better off talking slightly more quietly than normal.  Ignore the ranting and raving and just quietly make your point.  Eventually the student in question will calm down enough to hear what you’re saying.

Don’t say exactly what you think
Think really carefully about the message you want to convey to the student in question – and to the rest of the class who are probably watching with eagle eyes.  There are probably all sorts of things you WANT to say.  Don’t.  Instead, think about what you SHOULD say.  Where possible always keep your responses in line with school policy and be as fair and calm as you are able to be. More...

It's from The Creative Education Blog.  I recommend you it!

Know it all for trainee teachers

 The Know IT All website from Childnet provides a good guide to social networking for trainee teachers and NQT’s. You can access the guide here.


Revista Educativa 3.0


Open publication - Free publishing

Read the article "Smart, Premio Comenius"

'No Pens' drive for pupils struggling with sentences

In socially deprived areas more than 50% of children begin school without the ability to speak in long sentences, which experts say can lead to problems in later life. One hundred schools across England are taking part in a day without pens to tackle this speech deficit. More...

School notes

It could be useful.

Nice Idea!

Let's celebrate Halloween!

Working day and night


We talked about day and night. To introduce the theme I asked her some questions like
  • How do you know when it is time to get ready for bed?
  • What happens at night?
  • What type of activities do you do during the day?
  • What activities do you do at night?
  • Do all people sleep during the night?
  • Do all animals sleep during the night?
Then she drew things she did during the day and things she did during the night.

 We went outside and checked the sky. I asked her.
  • How is nighttime different from the daytime?
  • What gives us daylight?
  • What do you see in the day sky?
  • What do you see in the night sky?
Then she had to sort day and night images in the wheel.

dissabte, 24 de setembre de 2011

Another one!

Let's celebrate Halloween!




Some resources

Scrap Give Away

dimarts, 20 de setembre de 2011

Another good and very easy Idea!!


All the instructions in the link!

Good Idea!

Newspaper Column Buildings



Space Word Wall Cards

For ENglish Teachers

Daily Schedule Cards2

Choosing the best book for children

Changing Faces Toilet Paper Roll Dolls

Funny and easy!! What else do you want?


Calendar Board Label

It can be useful!!


Good impression!!

This week I have been teaching in 1st level, 2n level, 4th level and 5th level, for the moment. Some of the lessons have been about Encourage Reading and the other ones about Art in English. I have to say that I have a good impression. I think it will be a good year! I really enjoy when I see the faces of my pupils: surprise, happiness, interest, motivation... Wow, it's fantastic!!

Encourage Reading: I read the story "Sharing the Shell" and it was a success! Also the short film "Margarita". 

Art in English: today we traced some leaves to decorate the school. I'll prepare a tree and I'll fill with all the leaves that children have done. I'll show you the result very soon!!


L’autoritat del professorat

Des de la LODE (1985) la legislació bàsica estatal ha reconegut l’autoritat del professorat en el marc de la convivència dels centres educatius, recollint que els pares i els alumnes tenen el deure de respectar l’autoritat del professorat.

Així, als pares i tutors dels fills o pupils “els correspon respectar i fer respectar les normes establertes pel centre, l’autoritat i les indicacions o orientacions educatives del professorat” (LODE, art. 4.2.f). Paral•lelament, els alumnes han de “participar i col•laborar en la millora de la convivència escolar i en la consecució d’un adequat clima d’estudi al centre, respectant […] l’autoritat i orientacions del professorat” (LODE, art. 6.4.e).


No full time jobs for 95% of new teachers

Post from BBC News

Up to 95% of new qualified teachers are unable to secure full time jobs according to a DUP assembly member. More...

dilluns, 19 de setembre de 2011



Fulles de tardor

Post from Art Project for kids

This is a good exercise for those small motor skills, no realistic drawing skills are needed. I’ve found students have a lot of fun just loosing themselves in their patterns.


Com dibuixar un arbre de tardor

Post from Art Project for kids

I found this project on Artsonia.com, and I love how it makes students think of trees as a series of branches, and not just a fluffy shape that sits on a stick (not a bad place to start, but can be left behind at some point).

Com fer una fulla d'auró

Post from Art Project for kids

I love all things relating to the fall season, especially the wonderful shape and color of the classic fall maple leaf. It’s shape can look a bit complex until you break it down into steps. I made my leaf with grocery bag paper to give it a natural look and feel. Another lovely way to recycle.


dissabte, 17 de setembre de 2011

Ritzy Halloween Spider

És fàcil de fer i és divertit. 

It's easy to make and funny!

Ritzy Halloween Spiders
(makes 15 spiders)

30 Ritz crackers
1 cup chocolate chips or candy coating chocolate (like Candiquik)
1 tsp shortening (I used non-hydrogenated coconut oil shortening)
45 pretzel sticks
1 cup peanut butter
30 mini Reece's Pieces

Agulles de roba de Halloween - Halloween Clothes Pins

El 31 d'octubre se celebra Halloween a molts països, sobretot a aquells de parla anglesa. A Catalunya celebrem la Castanyada, però si ets mestra d'anglès, aquesta nova etiqueta et donarà diverses idees per treballar el Halloween a classe. 
On October 31, Halloween is celebrated in many countries, especially those speaking English. In Catalonia, we celebrate La Castanyada, but if you are a teacher of English, this new label will give you several ideas to work on Halloween in class.

Happy Halloween!

divendres, 16 de setembre de 2011

Vegetable Garden Watercolor Painting

A very nice art activity. 

1. On watercolor paper, students draw in pencil a horizontal line across the middle of the page. They add a variety of underground vegetables below (carrots, beets, scallions, etc.) and stems and leaves above.
2. All pencil lines are traced with a crayon, pressure is needed to create dark lines.
3. The vegetable shapes are painted in with watercolor paint. When complete, the ground, leaves and sky are painted as well.

dimecres, 14 de setembre de 2011

I have to share this with you!!

red velvet strawberr


ABCKit, una app per a nens d'entre 2 i 6 anys


Per el 14 sep 2011
Traduit al català per Violeta Cristià

Es basa en el sistema d'aprenentatge Montessori, permeten als nens el descobriment natural de les lletres per iniciar-se així en la lecto-escriptura.  ABCKit és un app (per iPhone, iPad o iPod touch) perquè els petits d'entre 2 i 6 anys aprenguin les lletres de l'abecedari. Amb ella, coneixen i identifiquen les lletres a partir d'un animal o un objecte: així, amb el fonema de cada lletra, els nens visualitzen una imatge i la identifiquen amb el so inicial de la lletra.

En aquest program s'utilitza el fonema de cada lletra perquè són els sons que el nen sent en paraules. Per exemple, un nen sent la "t" al principi de la paraula "tassa", però no escolta el so alfabètic "te". Per això, en la secció "Escolta", pot fer una comparativa del fonema de la lletra versus el nom oficial. 

A més a més, es fomenta l'escriptura de cada lletra mitjançant la seva percepció física, ja que permet que el nen aprengui i comprengui com es fa el traç. Amb la repetició de la lletra es facilita que els nens desenvolupin la memòria muscular, així com un camí cap a l'escriptura. 
Està disponible en castellà i català. Abans del llançament d'aquest app, desenvolupada per la consultoria arquinauta, la companyia va portar a terme diferent sproves amb diferents nens. És possbile conèixer algunes de les conclusions dels seus estudis, així com comprovar les millores que es van incloure. 

La metodologia Montessori va començar a principis del segle XX i va ser desenvolupada per la doctora Maria Montessori a partir de les seves expeirències amb nens en risc d'exclusió social.