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dilluns, 31 d’octubre de 2011

Visits from all over the world

Espanya 629
Estats Units 100
Regne Unit 80
Japó 74
Rússia 42
França 31
Líban 18
Alemanya 10
Argentina 3
India 2
Letònia 2
Dinamarca 1
Finlàndia 1
Països Baixos 1

I alguns països més que no m'apareixen, però que sé que l'han visitat, com ara Tailàndia o Indonesia!
And some other countries that now, I don't know why, don't appear, as Thailand or Indonesia!

diumenge, 30 d’octubre de 2011

Hubble Bubble Granny Trouble

My granny is a little bit different to other grannies. She wears a funny hat. She has a menagerie of interesting pets - like bats, frogs and cats. She cooks icky soup (no fish fingers allowed at her house!) and drives a skinny car with no windows or doors, and a bushy thatch of straw on the end.

She can even make things disappear.

Why can't my granny be normal? Why can't she knit? Wear typical clothing? Travel by bus? Find a normal pet (pink bunnies are good)?

Well, she can. So she does - but will Granny be happy? Or will she be sent out of her mind with boredom?

This lively, gorgeously-illustrated book is a charming romp through witcherly fun. All about being yourself and loving others for the very same reason, our magical grandma may be a little different to most on the regular nanna scene, but she's a whole lot of fun. Who wouldn't want a granny who's a witch!?

Kids will warm to the loving relationship between granddaughter and granny. Vibrant, retro-style pictures magically complement beautifully-rhythmic text, making this book duo one to watch.

Post by http://www.kids-bookreview.com/2011/10/review-hubble-bubble-granny-trouble.html


 Would you prefer a black, gay, or Catalan son? 

"Would you prefer to have a black, gay, or Catalan son?". That was the question asked of a participant on a TV show on Spanish TV on October 18th. In the original, the question was: "Si tuvieras un hijo, qué preferirías: que fuera homosexual, que fuera negro o que fuera catalán?" which translated means "If you had a son, which would you prefer: that he were gay, black, or that he were Catalan?"

The xenophobic question was aired on Tele 5, a channel that has also signed a manifesto against other languages in Spain other than Spanish. The text argues that the Spanish language is superior to Catalan, Basque or Galician because it can be understood by all the Spanish people. It forgets that the Spanish Constitution obliges all Spanish citizens to know Spanish, as Franco had done (Franco also forced everybody to use it,) and that all the languages are equal.
Only two weeks ago the same channel broadcast a program about Catalanophobia in Spain. The program showed some examples of the hate that many Spanish people have against the Catalan nation. The question of this article shows that Catalanophobia is rampant. It's a pity that Catalans, and other social minorities, have nobody to go to for justice when TV channels show homophobia, racism or Xenophobia/Catalanophobia. That's why we ask you to... Help Catalonia.

How to Organize Your Day

When thinking about how to organize your day, several thoughts come to mind. Here are the things that I do that have helped me the most:

1. Choose 2-3 things and only 2-3 things that you want to get accomplished this day. Anything that you get done beyond these items will be an added bonus.
2. Use www.google.com/calendar or choose set times in the day when you will accomplish these 2-3 things.
3. Leave yourself plenty of cushion to get done what you want to get done. If a job takes 15 minutes, then leave and hour in your day to work on that project. That way if you have interruptions or get delayed somehow, you will still be able to have plenty of time to accomplish your project or job.


Post by http://www.homeschool-how-to.com/how-to-organize-your-day.html

Caramels per a tothom! - Some sweets for everybody!

Aquest cap de setmana ha estat la Fira medieval de La Selva del Camp. Petita mostra molt dolça del que molts nens s'han firat!

This weekend has been the medieval Fair of my village, La selva del Camp. This is a small sweet sample that some children has bought!

Happy, Happy, Happy

Que contenta que estic!! 1000 visites al bloc!!

Gràcies mil!!

I'm really happy!! 1000 visits to my Blog!!!

Thousand thanks!!

La creativitat del Miquel - Miquel's Creativity

El meu nebot Miquel, de 8 anys, li encanta el Programa Paint i també el futbol. Ara fa uns dies, va crear una lliga de clubs de futbol. Aquests són els escuts. 

My nephew Miquel, 8 years old, loves Paint Program and also football. Some days ago, he created a club league. These are the shields.

El nom dels equips són:
The name of teams are:

Real Cabreta
Real V
Vampiri CF
Real Esqueletzone CF
U. D. Dinga
Real TorranAfrica
Ja C. F.

De moment ni l'escola ni la televisió li ha matat la creativitat!

For the moment, neither the school nor the television has killed the creativity!

Descobreix el sorprenent món de pagès

Ahir vaig descobrir aquesta col·lecció de llibres. Crec que poden ser força interessants per a treballar tot el món rural, de pagès, de la vida de molts dels nostres avis. Els podeu trobar en aquesta pàgina: http://www.mascasablanca.com/CA/elscontes2.html#10

N'hi ha un per cada mes de l'any. Com per exemple...

Espero que us puguin ser d'utilitat!!

Comenius Project - 3th Day

El dijous vam anar a Barcelona. Alguns d'ells ja hi havien estat així que els vam acompanyar a Plaça Catalunya, vam donar-los mapes de la ciutat i ... a descobrir una nova ciutat. 

Nosaltres, vam anar a fer un cafè als 4 gats. Em va agradar molt! 

On Thursday we went to Barcelona. Some of them they have been in Barcelona before, so we went to the Information Point in Catalonia Square, we gave them some maps and... to discover a new city!

We went to els 4 gats to drink a coffe. I liked a lot!!

Ens va ploure i a quarts de set ja érem a Tarragona. Llàstima del temps.
It was raining and at half past six we were in Tarragona again. It was a pity!!

A la nit vam fer el sopar de comiat i fins la pròxima. 
At night the did the farewell dinner and till the next meeting.

Valoració: excel·lent!
Assesment: excellent!

Comenius Project - 2nd Day

 El dimecres, el Departament d'Ensenyament (delegació de Tarragona) ens va rebre. La senyora Teresa Freixas, inspectora en cap adjunta, ens va rebre i ens va fer un discurs. També hi havia la nostra inspectora Carme Mas i el senyor Jose Diego Vargas, cap de Secció de Serveis Educatius i Formació permanent. Després la coordinadora del Porjecte Comenius de l'escola ens el va exposar. 
Quan es va acabar l'acte, tots els companys Comenius es van voler fer fotografies amb els representants del Departament que ens havien rebut. 

On Wednesday, the Department of Education (Tarragona) received us. Miss Teresa Freixas, the boss of inspectors,received us and gave a specch. There were our inspector Carme Mas and Mr Jose Diego Vargas, the boss of Educative resources and Permanent Training. Then, the coordinator of our Project told them our project.
When we finished, all the partners wanted to do some photos with the Department representatives.

Al migdia, vam repetir l'activitat del dia anterior. Va ser el torn de Finlàndia, França i Àustria. Relament interessant! 
At midday, we repeated the same activity from Tuesday. It was the turn from Finland, France and Austria. It was really interesting!  

A la tarda vam continuar treballant. Els alumnes d'Educació Infantil van venir a entregar l'osset viatger als companys de Finlàndia. L'osset viatger, recorrerà els diferents països durant els dos anys de projecte.

In the afternoon we worked. The Infant Education pupils gave to the Finland partners the traveller Teddy Bear. The Teddy Bear will travel around the diferent countries during these two next years.

Vam estar planificant les properes trobades i també vam concretar les activitats que s'havien de fer. I per acabar, alguns alumnes de 6è van passar un quiz sobre Catalunya als nostres companys Comenius. Cal dir que van saber moltes respostes i que per tant, van aprendre força coses sobre Catalunya (castellers, diables, pa amb tomàquet, la llengua...).
We were planning the future meetings and activities. At the end, some students from 6th level asked some questions about Catalonia to our Comenius partners. I have to say that they learn a lot of things from Catalunya (castellers, diables, pa amb tomàquet, la llengua...).

Comenius Project - 1st Day

Aquesta setmana hem rebut els països que formen part del nou Projecte Comenius que comença l'escola aquest any. Els països ja us els vaig dir i el tema també: El medi ambient. 

This week we have received all the partners from our new Comenius Project that the school starts this year. I told you the countries in another post and the topic too: The environment.

El dimarts van arribar a l'escola amb molta il·lusió. Els hi vam ensenyar l'escola i ens van dir que era molt bonica. Vam visitar alguna classe i van veure els nens treballant. Després el senyor alcalde de Consantí els va rebre i va fer un petit discurs igual la que nostra directora Rosa. Després vaig explicar el nostre sistema educatiu i com funciona la nostra escola.

On tuesday all the teachers arrived in the school with lots of energy. We showed us the school and they tld us that it is very beautiful. We visited some classrooms and they could see our students working. After that, the Mayor of Contantí gave a speech also the Director of the school, Rosa. Then I told them some points of our Educational System and how our school works.

Al midgia, amb tot el clautre de l'escola, Anglaterra i Irlanda ens van explicar com funciona el seu sistema educatiu i la seva escola. Va ser molt interessant conèixer-lo.

At midday, with the rest of the staff form our school, England and Ireland explained us their educational system and some things from their schools. It was really interesting to know. 

A la tarda ens vam posar a treballar. Vam escollir el logotip pel projecte. L'escollit va ser un dels de Finlàndia. Quan el tinguin a punt, us el penjaré al bloc. 

In the afternoon we worked on the project. We chose the logo. The winner was from FInland. When I have it, I'll upload on the blog.

Després vam estar comentant els resultats de les enquestes sobre medi ambient que van respondre els nens. Les conclusions són que s'haurà de treballar a fons i per parts els diferents continguts: reciclatge, aigua i energia. 

Then we discussed about the results of the survey. The conlusion is that we have to work very hard all the contents and one by one: recyling, water and energy.

A la tarda van anar a fer una visita guida per Tarragona. La veritat és que ciutat és molt bonica i evidentment, els hi va agradar molt. 

In the afternoon they went in a Tarragonas itinerary. The city is beautiful and of course, they enjoyed a lot.
Valoració del 1r dia: excel·lent!

Espero resposta per poder penjar fotografies dels companys Comenius. Si em donen permís, us les penjaré. Són gent encantadora!

I'm waiting for permission in order to upload some photos of Comenius partners. If I have it, I'll upload them. They are veru charming!

Tiny House

Oh! Quines cases més xules! M'encanten. En aquest link teniu l'enllaç on trobareu les instruccions per a fer-les. Les meves companyes de Finlàndia, que treballen el cosir a l'escola, ho podrien fer amb els nens!!

Wow! How beautiful houses! I love it. In this link you can find the instructions to do them. My Finland partners, that they work sew on their classroom, can do ti  with their children!!

ICT Magic

Una altra pàgina web amb recursos TIC per trbellar. És una pàgina que tinc ganes d'explorar.
Another website with ICT resources. I would like to explore it. 


Halloween's History

Halloween is a traditional celebration held on October 31st. Today, Halloween is an excuse for Halloween theme costume parties, and entertainment with horror films, haunted houses and other activities around the popular themes of ghosts, witches, Dracula, werewolves and the supernatural. Children love to dress up in halloween costumes and go from door-to-door in their neighborhood following the old tradition of trick-or-treating, collecting sweets and gifts, sometimes money. More...

Teachers With Apps

Una alta pàgina amb recursos per a mestres Another resources' web for teachers. És Is: http://teacherswithapps.com/

Symbaloo: ICT resources for teachers

Ostres, aquest matí he descobert aquesta pàgina web, Symbaloo. Crec que és una bona pàgina per perdre-s'hi i agafar moltes idees. 

Wow, this morning I discoverd this website, Symbaloo. I think it's a good page for loosing yourself and having lots of ideas.

divendres, 28 d’octubre de 2011

What Your Students Need To Know About Thanking In English

Things to teach to students of all levels about the most important kind of politeness.

Some thanking words and phrases you might want to teach to your students include the more informal examples “Thanks” and “Cheers”, and maybe even “Ta”. “Thanks” can be extended with “a lot” and “Ta” with “very much”, but “Cheers” doesn’t take any lengthening expressions like these. Like “Thank you” and “Thanks”, however, it can take “for all your help/coming all this way/lending me your umbrella etc.”
With “Thank you”, you can add “very much” or “so much”. Students are often not aware that “so” is stronger that “very much”, especially when it is stressed and lengthened, as in “Thank you sooooooooo much”. Longer and more formal phrases using the word “thank” include “I/We would like to thank you for…”, “Please accept my/our thanks for…” and “I really can’t thank you enough for…”
 Possibilities without the word “thank” include “I would like to express my gratitude for…”, “I am very grateful for…” and “I really can’t express how grateful I am for…” Students may overuse forms like these because of translation from L1, or due to being taught forms that are old fashioned or only used in writing. Similar lines I have found to be overused in emailing include “Thank you for continuing to do business with us” (rare in English, and mainly used when our performance is so bad that we’d expect them not to), “Thank you for your kind attention” (a bit old-fashioned and mainly used in standard letters rather than ones written for individual people) and “Thank you for your co-operation” (mainly used in internal memos telling people about rules).

The last of those examples is often used when “Thanks in advance” would be more suitable and this and the other very specific example “Thanks anyway” are well worth some classroom time.
Students are also likely to be unfamiliar with phrases which don’t include words meaning thanks or gratitude but which mean the same thing, such as “I owe you one”, “That’s (really) very kind of you”, “You’re a lifesaver/a star”, and “Oh, you shouldn’t have!” They might also need help with uses of “thank” where thanks is not really the meaning, e.g. in “Thanks for the invitation, but…”

Cançons de tardor

Acaba de sortir Cançons de tardor, un nou llibre de cançonetes infantils de Noé Rivas, editat per Baula. Un grapat de cançons per gaudir d'aquesta esatació, cantant i ballant. Les il·lustracions de Mercè Aránega són un complement molt bonic al llibre. S'acompanya d'un CD per a poder escoltar les cançon del llibre.

You are my Sunshine

dimecres, 26 d’octubre de 2011

New York schools enter the iZone

After the iPhone and the iPad, the iZone is a different kind of design experiment.

They're being told to find new ways to provide a more individualised education, to change the shape of the school day, explore what technology can offer and even ask whether pupils need to be in school at all.


dilluns, 24 d’octubre de 2011

Catalan custard cream

This dish is very rich in vitamin A and calcium.
It contains all the B-group vitamins.
Catalan custard cream provides lipids and proteins.
This dish gives lots of energy because of the fats in the egg and the fast sugars.
It can be accompanied by a low-energy dish in the same meal (vegetables, for example).
It is suitable for children and adults who plan to carry out moderate physical activity
People with high cholesterol should eat this in moderation.
Risk of dental decay: clean your teeth immediately after eating this.

  Post by Origin of foods

Com puc avaluar? Algunes idees


3 Tips to Help Parents Encourage Reading at Home

TIP 1 - It must matter to the parent
The parent must make it a point to have a child realize that no matter how busy or how much time is spent with them, reading and school in general is important. Parents need to make sure they pay attention to homework, daily reading, and getting a good night's sleep.

TIP 2 - The parent must lead by example.

Be able to ask though questions to your parents: When is the last time the child saw YOU reading for fun? When is the last time you read to your child? What needs to be addressed here is that parents of students who are extremely successful in school have their children become successful on purpose. It is no accident that these students of active parents are statistically far more successful. It doesn't take hours a day at home to increase reading ability. Statistics show that if every child would read 15 minutes daily with their parents they will have a 45% higher chance of being more successful than the average student in school.

TIP 3 - Get OUT and GO!!

Go to the library......go to the park to read.....have a reading night! If you don't make time to do it, it won't be important to your children. Our children need to know we will pause life to go out and spend time reading or even just to make a quick stop at the library! Encourage parents to check out the movie and book to compare and contrast. Many preschoolers and elementary aged children LOVE audiobooks! Look for a matching set at your library.

Post by The Organized Classroom Blog

divendres, 21 d’octubre de 2011

Preparant la 1a Trobada Comenius - Preparing the 1st Comenius Meeting

L'escola està quedant la mar de bonica. Avui hem estat molt enfeinats penjant banderes, i encara no hem acabat. Us presento doncs, el racó del Projecte Comenius i la decoració que s'ha penjat. 
My school is getting better decorated every day. Today we have been very busy hanging flags, and we haven't finished yet. I would lik to show you the Comenius Corner. 

Aquesta setmana que ve fem la 1a trobada Comenius. Els països que formen part del Comenius a part de Catalunya són:
This next week we will do the 1st Comenius Meeting. The countries that take part in the project, a part from us, Catalonia, are:

Estem molt il·lusionats amb el projecte. Per cert, el tema del projecte, tal i com heu vist a la foto del racó Comenius és "Europa verd, invertim en el futur", vaja, que treballarem el medi ambient. Esperem aprendre moltíssim.
We are very excited with this project. By the way, the topic of the project is "Green Eurpe, invest in the future", well, it's about Environment. We hope to learn a lot!!