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dimecres, 14 de novembre de 2012

4 cats

4 cats is a Catalan TV programme. Ramon Llull's Foundation created this programme for foreign people that want to learn Catalan Language and its culture.

English, French, Italian and Spanish are the languages that you can translate the website.

4cats is a catalan's expression that means few people. When you are in a party and there are few people, you can say "There are 4 cats".

Here you have a chapter. There are lots of them.

També pot tenir un bon ús per a l'escola. Els alumnes poden veure el capítol, llegir-lo, representar-lo en forma de teatret, aprendre cultura pròpia del seu país, noves expressions, vocabulari...

Tim Shanley

Adult Learning Activities

This week I found this website: Adult Learning Activities

It's a good website for practising your English: reading and listening skills.

There are different topics and the readings are very short.

So, you don't have an excuse: you can practise every day reading one topic in Adult Learning Activities.

dilluns, 12 de novembre de 2012

A trip to Barcelona

Watch this video, you can practise your English and also learn about Catalonia.