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dimarts, 26 de juliol de 2011

The English Teacher Experience - Teacher Refresher Course

Arrival in London

Monday-Friday Weeks One and Two. Each week includes 21 hours of methodology and language enhancement together with cultural input. The morning and afternoon sessions are organized in blocks of 90 minutes.

Before the first Monday input session, participants discuss their specific needs and are also given an orientation to living in London. In the afternoon they have a London sightseeing walk.

Participants are encouraged to use their free time to use the school's self-access area and participate in social activities in order to increase their familiarity with London and their intercultural awareness. This gives them the chance to collect a range of authentic materials for exploitation in their own teaching.

Optional full-day excursions to places of interest (including Cambridge, Stonehenge, Brighton and London) are offered every Saturday and Sunday.

On the last day of the course, a course evaluation and course follow-up session is organized with their senior teacher. 

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