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diumenge, 28 d’agost de 2011

Teacher Refresher Course - (London) 10th session

10th Session: Pronunciation

Pronunciation in English is not easy sometimes. We have to know some rules. Here is a video with some pronunciation tips from BBC Learning English.

The teacher gave us a copy of "My 100 most mispronounced words in English". Here you have a link where you can read them. 


I attach the phonetic chart. Let's see it:

Here you have an example that you can use in your class.

Telephone activity

Draw a chart in the blackboard. It has to be as a telephone, like this:

In every square the teacher writes a word. Every word has to have a different sound. After that, the teacher says a telephone number but instead of saying the numbers says the words that he previously has writen.Children have to guess the numbers.

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