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diumenge, 28 d’agost de 2011

Teacher Refresher Course - (London) 12th session

12th Session: Authentic Video / DVD

In that session we talked about why use DVD in the classroom and why do we need to be careful when using video/DVD.

Here you have some ideas:

- It's accessible
- It's authentic
- For comprehension of spoken language
- As a language model
- For culture
- Because it's fun

And we have to be careful for:

- High verbal density
- Dialect and regional accents
- Period language
- Danger of overloading learners

Activity 1: Scene Prediction

Watch the video and when the video is paused, write what you think is going to happen next.

Activity 2: Jumbled Conversation

Look at the dialogue and try to put in the correct order. Before you watch to check, discuss with a partner who you think the two characters are, what their relationship is, how they feel, etc.

Activity 3: Mystery Questions
Watch the next video clip and make notes of any important information/significant details. You will have to answer questions after you have seen it.

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