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dissabte, 20 d’agost de 2011

Teacher Refresher Course - (London) 1st session

1st SessionIntroductory Session

In that session we introduced ourselves to each other. We were two teachers from Germany, one from Latvia, one from Portugal and me. 

After that, we completed a chart saying the reasons for becoming a teacher, our teaching training, our first job, pleasures from teaching...

The other activity was solving a riddle. Nobody guessed the answer. Try it!

"A man and a woman are going for a walk. They want to walk arm in arm, but their steps are of different lenghts. In fact, the woman's step is two thirds of the man's step. They start at the same time, and their first step is onto their left foot (so they are both standing on their right foot when they make the first step).
Obviously, since the woman's step is shorter and they want to walk together, she will have to take more steps than her partner in the saqme amount of time. How many steps will they each have to take before their left feet hit the ground at the same time again?

From David Lazear 

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