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Teacher Refresher Course - (London) 9th session

9th Session: Developing Listening Skills
Listening is the skill which needs the most practice and it's the hardest to teach well. So, here there are some general ideas teaching:

- Inform students about listening and remind them that it need practice.
- Set regular (daily) listening homework i.e. net based.
- Include listening in student evaluation - i.e. 20%
- Pause often to check their comprehension and perception.

There are different kind of listenings:

- Listening for gist
- Listening for specific information
- Listening in detail
- Inferential listening

I would like to recommend you this next link. It's from British Council and I think I attached in another post. In Listen&Watch section you can practice your listening skill. 

Another good website is BBC Learning English. Here you can practice your english 6 minutes every day.

Of course, I know there are lots of websites where you can practice your listening skill, for example: 

In addition, you can download the mobile application to practice Listenings!!

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