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Easy Pop-Up Cards

Easy Pop-Up Cards from "Home made simple" blog.

2 pieces of construction paper, color(s) of your choice
Craft knife
Glue stick
Decorative cutouts* 

*Tip: As long as it’s flat, you can glue it into your card. For example, paper butterflies, tiny snapshot photos, shapes cut from leftover paint chips, scrapbooking embellishments and pressed flowers.

  1. Cut. Fold construction paper in half crosswise, then use a craft knife to carefully cut sets of parallel slits along the folded edge. Be sure to cut no further than halfway up, so the flaps won’t show when the card’s folded. The number and width of the slits is up to you, just keep in mind that each set will create one flap.

  1. Fold. With the folded side facing you, push the flaps forward, into the inside of the card. When you open it, they should look like pop-up stands for your cutouts.

  1. Decorate. Apply glue to the front of the flap (not the top), then adhere your cutouts. Remember—if they extend more than halfway up the card, they’ll show when it’s folded. Consider decorating the flat space above the flaps, too.

  1. Cover. Fold the second piece of construction paper in half and glue to your decorated card so the slits won’t show. To prevent the paper from bunching, glue one half at a time. 

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