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dimecres, 28 de setembre de 2011

How NOT to manage conflict in the classroom

I like this article and I agree with the whole points.

Don’t respond immediately
Generally your impulse response is exactly the wrong one.  Instead of saying exactly what’s on your mind just take a deep breath, give yourself a few seconds to compose yourself and think carefully about how best to proceed.

Don’t shout
If a pupil is shouting at you, the temptation can be to raise your voice in return, if for no reason other than to ensure that your point is heard.  This tends to make the situation worse.  You’re far better off talking slightly more quietly than normal.  Ignore the ranting and raving and just quietly make your point.  Eventually the student in question will calm down enough to hear what you’re saying.

Don’t say exactly what you think
Think really carefully about the message you want to convey to the student in question – and to the rest of the class who are probably watching with eagle eyes.  There are probably all sorts of things you WANT to say.  Don’t.  Instead, think about what you SHOULD say.  Where possible always keep your responses in line with school policy and be as fair and calm as you are able to be. More...

It's from The Creative Education Blog.  I recommend you it!

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