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dilluns, 24 d’octubre de 2011

3 Tips to Help Parents Encourage Reading at Home

TIP 1 - It must matter to the parent
The parent must make it a point to have a child realize that no matter how busy or how much time is spent with them, reading and school in general is important. Parents need to make sure they pay attention to homework, daily reading, and getting a good night's sleep.

TIP 2 - The parent must lead by example.

Be able to ask though questions to your parents: When is the last time the child saw YOU reading for fun? When is the last time you read to your child? What needs to be addressed here is that parents of students who are extremely successful in school have their children become successful on purpose. It is no accident that these students of active parents are statistically far more successful. It doesn't take hours a day at home to increase reading ability. Statistics show that if every child would read 15 minutes daily with their parents they will have a 45% higher chance of being more successful than the average student in school.

TIP 3 - Get OUT and GO!!

Go to the library......go to the park to read.....have a reading night! If you don't make time to do it, it won't be important to your children. Our children need to know we will pause life to go out and spend time reading or even just to make a quick stop at the library! Encourage parents to check out the movie and book to compare and contrast. Many preschoolers and elementary aged children LOVE audiobooks! Look for a matching set at your library.

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