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diumenge, 30 d’octubre de 2011

Hubble Bubble Granny Trouble

My granny is a little bit different to other grannies. She wears a funny hat. She has a menagerie of interesting pets - like bats, frogs and cats. She cooks icky soup (no fish fingers allowed at her house!) and drives a skinny car with no windows or doors, and a bushy thatch of straw on the end.

She can even make things disappear.

Why can't my granny be normal? Why can't she knit? Wear typical clothing? Travel by bus? Find a normal pet (pink bunnies are good)?

Well, she can. So she does - but will Granny be happy? Or will she be sent out of her mind with boredom?

This lively, gorgeously-illustrated book is a charming romp through witcherly fun. All about being yourself and loving others for the very same reason, our magical grandma may be a little different to most on the regular nanna scene, but she's a whole lot of fun. Who wouldn't want a granny who's a witch!?

Kids will warm to the loving relationship between granddaughter and granny. Vibrant, retro-style pictures magically complement beautifully-rhythmic text, making this book duo one to watch.

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