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diumenge, 30 d’octubre de 2011


 Would you prefer a black, gay, or Catalan son? 

"Would you prefer to have a black, gay, or Catalan son?". That was the question asked of a participant on a TV show on Spanish TV on October 18th. In the original, the question was: "Si tuvieras un hijo, qué preferirías: que fuera homosexual, que fuera negro o que fuera catalán?" which translated means "If you had a son, which would you prefer: that he were gay, black, or that he were Catalan?"

The xenophobic question was aired on Tele 5, a channel that has also signed a manifesto against other languages in Spain other than Spanish. The text argues that the Spanish language is superior to Catalan, Basque or Galician because it can be understood by all the Spanish people. It forgets that the Spanish Constitution obliges all Spanish citizens to know Spanish, as Franco had done (Franco also forced everybody to use it,) and that all the languages are equal.
Only two weeks ago the same channel broadcast a program about Catalanophobia in Spain. The program showed some examples of the hate that many Spanish people have against the Catalan nation. The question of this article shows that Catalanophobia is rampant. It's a pity that Catalans, and other social minorities, have nobody to go to for justice when TV channels show homophobia, racism or Xenophobia/Catalanophobia. That's why we ask you to... Help Catalonia.

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