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diumenge, 29 de juliol de 2012

Material from Belfast


Here you have some materials for our English classes. The first is these fluorescent flashcards. They could be useful for named parts of the classroom, for doing a roleplay (e.g. supermarket, restaurant...)...

These jigsaw could be useful for an English corner. Pupils do the jigsaw and then give to the students a list of objtects and they have to find them in the jigsaw.

These medals are for motivate children for doing the activity as well as they can and get a reward.

The stickers' rewards are another point to motivate children. They do the activity and if they do it well, they get a sticker. The reward chart is for themselves control. So, when they have it one, then they want it more.

The stickers' planners are good for learning the name of days, months and some more daily vocabulary.

If you have more ideas, please write a comment and in this way, we'll generate a list of different uses of these materials.

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