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dissabte, 25 d’agost de 2012

Agaete - Gáldar - Arucas

Agaete: pueblo de costa Link

Agaete is a coast village. It's very nice and the houses are beautiful. The sea view is really nice. Is in this village where you can get the ferry to Tenerife. In this village there was a mountain called "The finger of God", but some years ago, the part that represented the finger felt down.

Gáldar: cuevas pintadas Link

Gáldar is a village on the foot of a big mountain. In it there is a museum where you can see the houses of the Canarias aboriginals. It's really interesting.

Arucas: catedral Link

Arucas is a nive village. It has a very nice streets and a very beatiful cathedral.

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